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Alice started making ballet skirts 10 years ago. She had just began working as a professional ballet dancer and she wasn’t happy with the quality or fit of the skirts available on the market - she started making her own - first for herself and then her colleagues; she refined the universally flattering cut that has made the #BalletSkirtsDesignedByAlice popular with dancers the world over. 

MADE BY A DANCER FOR DANCERS // ‘Skirts are an article of dancewear which I believe has been seriously overlooked. My ballet skirts – for use in the studio and on the stage - are a product of my professional experience as a dancer and designer. 
As dancers we put so much work into our performance: the clothes that we wear should enhance our movements and not take away from the line. I also believe it is incredibly important to be comfortable and feel good and let that energy radiate out into our work. My skirts were designed with these thoughts in mind-try them and see for yourself!’

* I use a stretch herringbone elastic which is comfortable and stays in place - no more 'baggy gaps' and 'riding up'!
* The material has the weight and quality to enhance the classical line. 
* The hems are specially rolled to prevent fraying.    
* I design my own unique prints and hand printed designs.